Rules Of Play

  1. All players must sign the register at the clubhouse prior to playing on the golf course.
  2. Players must have the Golf Professional's approval to start on any hole other than Hole No. 1.
  3. Players finishing play on Hole No. 9 must alternate with players waiting to start on Hole No. 1.
  4. Players must have the Golf Professional's approval to play more than a foursome. A fivesome is the maximum allowed group size. Fivesome group play will be monitored to ensure that play is not held up.
  5. Players may be required to speed up pay and/or allow faster players to play through if their game is slowing the pace of the course.
  6. The Golf Professional, or designee, shall enforce all golf course rules and regulations, and shall have the authority to remove any player for rule-regulation violation. Upon removal from the golf course, any paid fees may be forfeited, and golfing privileges may be revoked.
  7. The City shall determine when winter rules will be applicable, including use of temporary greens and golf cart time-of-use restrictions.

Golf Etiquette

  1. All standards of golf etiquette shall be observed at all times.
  2. Players must rake all traps and bunkers after playing a shot.
  3. Players must replace divots and repair ball marks on greens.
  4. No pets are allowed on the golf course.
  5. No practice is allowed on the golf course or the greens; practice is allowed only on the designated practice green and practice tee.
  6. No children under five (5) years of age are allowed on the golf course.
  7. All players must have their own set of clubs.
  8. Any destructive behavior to the golf course and/or golf course equipment will result in immediate removal from the golf course.
  9. Metal golf shoe spikes, non-golf cleats and shoes with lugged soles are not allowed on the golf course, the practice green, the practice tee or the driving range.
  10. Persons not golfing or not accompanying a golfer are not allowed on the golf course.

Course Regulations

  1. Slow players must stand aside and let faster players through.
  2. No dogs or other pets on course.
  3. Each player must have his or her own set of clubs and bag.
  4. Absolutely no sixsomes.
  5. Keep carts at least 30 feet from all tees and greens.
  6. No practicing on golf course or greens.
  7. Damage to course or property is the player's responsibility.
  8. Rake traps.
  9. Replace divots.
  10. Repair ball marks on green.
  11. You must see the Pro to start on any hole other than No. 1.
  12. Players coming off of hole No. 9 must alternate with waiting players on hole No. 1 when no starter is on duty.
  13. No children under five (5) years of age are allowed on the course.

Course Designations & Definitions

All play on the golf course is governed by USGA Rules.

Out of Bounds

  • Defined by white stakes or lines
  • Left of #2 and #7, right of #4 and #6, over #3 and #6

Driving Range
The driving range poles define the Out-of-Bounds. The netting attached to the poles is not an obstruction as defined by rule 24-2b. Relief from the netting is not permitted, rule 24/4.

Artificially Surfaced Roads or Cart Paths
Play as obstructions. Drop areas are available on #3 for above.


  1. All tee time reservations shall be made at or through the golf course Pro Shop.
  2. Starting times shall be issued beginning at 8 AM each Monday, unless otherwise determined by the Golf Professional.
  3. Tee time reservations shall not be made for less than two (2) golfers.


  1. The Golf Professional has the authority to limit or prohibit any outside food and beverage from being brought to or sold at or on the golf course.
  2. Golf course fees are determined and implemented by the City, and will be posted in the clubhouse.
  3. The Golf Course Rules and Regulations must be posted in the clubhouse.